Thursday, May 29, 2014

Write an Eye-Catching Resume – Research-based Tips that Will Get You Noticed

Every day, recruiters scan dozens of resumes eagerly searching for that perfect candidate.  Crafting an eye-catching resume is every candidate’s goal, however many resumes end up in the ‘no fit’ pile because they are cluttered or hard to navigate.

In a recent study by The Ladders*, recruiter behavior was examined and it was found that recruiters typically only spend about 6 seconds reviewing individual resumes before making a yes/no decision.

Also, recruiters generally spend almost 80% of this time focused on the following data points:
  • Name
  • Current title/company
  • Current position start/end dates
  • Previous title/company
  • Previous position start/end dates
  • Education

The study also examined perceptions about resume quality and recruiters reported that the best resumes featured: 
  • An organized, easy-to-read layout with a distinct visual hierarchy
  • Clear, concise data that is consistently formatted

Additionally, regarding online profiles, it was found that:
  • Visual distractions such as images and ads drew attention away from more pertinent information such as skills and experience
  • In some cases, irrelevant data such as candidates’ age, race or gender may have affected reviewer perceptions

 With only 6 seconds to capture a recruiter’s attention, writing a 
resume that is clear, concise and easy to read is vital.  

* Original Source: Keeping an eye on recruiter behavior. The Ladders. 2014.; To see updated statistics, visit: Eye-Tracking Study. Ladders. 2018.