Saturday, February 1, 2014

Direct Marketing Recruiter Expands to include Analytical and Analyst Job Search Services


Victoria James Executive Search, Inc. Offers Expertise to Companies Looking to Hire Executives Specializing in Information Analysis

Victoria James Executive Search, Inc. (VJESI), a national Direct Marketing Recruiter with extensive experience matching senior-level executives with jobs in the direct marketing field is pleased to announce the expansion of their services to include analytical and analyst jobs.

 For more than fifteen years, VJESI has been working with client companies and executive candidates in direct marketing and internet marketing to make matches that meet the objectives and expectations of both parties. In recent years, tracking and understanding big data has become a business imperative and with that, the industry is experiencing an increasing need for executives that specialize in information monitoring and analysis.

In response to this growing demand, VJESI has broadened their focus and service offerings to assist companies in filling these job openings. VJESI's national reach and vast database of highly talented and experienced candidates enables them to quickly connect the right candidates with right jobs, and their personalized, one-on-one approach ensures that long-term career and recruitment goals are successfully met.

Read the press release to learn more about VJESI's direct marketing and analytic job search services.